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A sigh of relief has been heard in the land. Snow and ice has melted, and snow boots have been put away to dry. Delayed shopping has been accomplished. Now there are clean-up tasks of various sorts to do, and people can again attend our events safely. Several sangha members are away, at Inauguration events… Read more »

In spite of the weather, work has been continuing on the barn, which is now all enclosed and nearing lockability. That is, doors are in the process of being installed, and moisture barrier has been put up. The photo shows Ikuo, Kakumyo, and Joel working on that. Those of us who live at and near… Read more »

On Wednesday, several people came out from Great Vow Zen Monastery to participate in our regular work practice day. Many got together to help move the tall pole sign from the back of the truck to where it will stand up on its base. Ropes were attached so people could hold it while it was… Read more »

Work continues, slowly, on the barn interior framing, as well as finishing tasks inside the Sodo. The tomato plants are all done and black, but a solitary pumpkin is still ripening. The seasonal changes invite us to turn inward and reflect on the year just past. It is wonderful to have facilities, including parking, so… Read more »

Sherman and Gary work on painting benches while Gemmon continues work in the Japanese style garden in front of the Sodo. The benches have been a great addition to the engawa, providing both space to sit and places to store shoes while people are in the building. On sunny days, it’s especially nice to sit… Read more »

Yoan paints the characters that Kakumyo carved into the new sign in a large piece of wood. The characters say Ho-U-Ji, which means “Dharma Rain Temple.” The footing got poured yesterday, so the sign should be installed soon. The trash and recycling building got new doors finished and handles put on, and that building is… Read more »

Yesterday’s regular Wednesday work party did a lot of things undaunted by intermittent rain. Gemmon continues to work on the Japanese-style garden in front of the Sodo. She fills a wheelbarrow with gravel from the back, wheels it around to the front, dumps it where she wants it, and rakes it into place. Then goes… Read more »

The Oregon Tradeswomen continue to work Thursdays on the barn. Framing up the inside will allow it to be available to us as a workshop and storage. Yesterday’s work party involved being moved by wheelbarrows for landscaping. Curtains got put up. Other projects are moving forward. It is wonderful to have facilities, including parking, so… Read more »

Wednesday was our last day of blue sky and sunshine for a while. Fujaku, Joel, Kakumyo, and Gary took advantage of it to work on the barn in anticipation of the Oregon Tradeswomen coming to work on more framing Thursday. We’ve been seeing more praying mantises around the property, as well as owls and other… Read more »

Wednesday under October skies, the work party accomplished several tasks. Here, Joel dumps a load of dirt on the Japanese Garden, which Gemmon is sculpting. Shin’yu checks it out as she walks to the Sodo. Last Friday the new sign (sculpted by Hakugyo) went up. Fujaku, Ikuo, and Joel worked hard, and the final result… Read more »

Last Thursday’s release of a rehabilitated hawk by the Audubon Society onto our property was inspiring for all who witnessed it. The Audubon Society has sent us some of the photos they took of the event. They show the sequence from release from the box they carried him in, to flight, to sitting in the… Read more »

Gemmon continues to work on the Japanese-style formal garden. Wednesday’s sun lights up the Katsura tree. Fujaku painted the sign for the entrance to the property, which Hakugyu carved. Notice that Fujaku has nutritional reinforcement as part of his work. Wednesday’s work party also included adding bamboo to the planters that will eventually be in… Read more »

Fujaku and Joel work on moving forward with the Barn (workshop). There are various administrative and planning tasks to do, but the plan is to have the building done this fall. Much of the volunteer work is moving ward the Barn. The Oregon Tradeswomen plan to come back later to continue work as well. Hakugyu… Read more »

Fujaku holds a large bundle of basil from the gardens to be made into pesto. We are also harvesting the results of lots of hard work and money from our many donors and benefactors in having a beautiful functional building. For the first time in a few years, we have a hearth, a home base… Read more »

We continue to do finish work in the Sodo. Here, Ikuo re-installs a shelf under the new bulletin board. You can also see the new curtains for the hallway leading to the bathrooms. The shelves that were previously hung in the entry way, by the sanzen room, and above the beverage table are now being… Read more »

The large slab of wood in front of the Sodo is destined to become a beautiful sign, including the tomoe and our name, Dharma Rain Zen Center. These have been traced on to the board, and will be carved and painted during the next few months. Can you see the faintly-traced tomoe in the photograph?… Read more »

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