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Drawing upon Dogen’s “Teachings of the Inanimate,” Seido talked about Buddhism’s approach to our conflicted relationship with the natural world and how the nondual leaps beyond false divisions. Where does nature begin and end? Where does sentience begin and end? This subject welcomes our direct experience in the natural world, our heartfelt concern for the… Read more »

This coming week, our sangha will launch its first Daijukai in the new Sodo. The community is invited to participate in a series of rare ceremonies throughout the week that express the breadth and depth of Zen path of training. The open retreat culminates in a precept ceremony the following Sunday where several students will… Read more »

Sunday 3:58 AM One last shot at Rohatsu Everyone’s still asleep Savoring the still still of sesshin seventh A journal and warm tea ablution by the back French doors I realize what I’d hoped was moonlight Bathing the kitchen all this time Nothing but an overdone silver screen The last ditch katz of a lone… Read more »

This year’s annual late-summer retreat at the Empty Field west of Eugene was well-represented by Dharma Rain. This unique event, Cultivating the Way, is held on DRZC teacher Seido’s organic farm, and allows for a special kind of awareness of the natural world within Zen practice. The sweet little zendo is actually similar, though smaller… Read more »

What does it mean to practice with the daily news that arrives on the doorstep (or laptop) every day – tragedies from Orlando to Istanbul back to Dallas along with endless opinions and updates – and then return to our daily activity? Are we aware of our karmic habits receiving breaking news events and the… Read more »

In Dogen’s chapter Kajo he says that the thoughts and words of the ancestors are “everyday tea and rice.” Having just returned from a sesshin in which this fascicle, which translates as “Everyday Activity,” was studied, Seido offers some reflections on Dogen’s meaning within the context of our lineage tradition. On Valentines Day, this talk… Read more »

Resonant of our recent Segaki retreat, this koan invites a changed relationship to one’s “ghosts” often understood as unresolved karma arising in the present. The dharma talk is about how we care for “ghosts” and what it means to save or release them. While many of us struggle to let go of these unbidden appearances… Read more »

It is a frequent modern lament that our lives feel packed with competing demands and are complicated to the point of overwhelm. For lay Buddhists, this can seem like far cry from Buddha’s example of living with only a robe and a begging bowl. Zen rituals distill teachings down to their essence and focus the… Read more »

On Sunday, March 29, Seido celebrated inhabiting the new Sodo with the sangha and explored the question of what it means to live into one’s practice, into one’s life fully. Using Dogen’s writing on “Twining Vines” that includes the story of Bodhidharma’s transmission to his students, the talk both celebrated the sangha’s activity on the… Read more »

As we headed into our week-long retreat, DaiJukai, or “Great Jukai” (Giving and Receiving of the Buddhist Precepts), Seido talked about how we understand the study and practice of ethical action in Zen. She particularly focused on one of the ten grave precepts – Do Not Speak Dishonestly – Communicate Truthfully – and its commentary:… Read more »

For Buddhists all over the world, Sunday December 8th marks the annual celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree. For our community, it also marks the end of our weeklong Rohatsu retreat during which each of us take up the Buddha’s koan of the meaning of human suffering. Through his deep resolve to… Read more »

This Sunday Seido will be talking about the seasonal changes we experience during summer practice where discipline loosens and the natural world presents itself in full color. What do we learn about ourselves during this time? What emerges in our relationship to zazen and what obstacles present themselves during a time of year typically marked… Read more »

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