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On October 28-30 we hold our annual weekend Segaki retreat, focused on cleansing karma and releasing attachments to the past, including those who have died. The retreat is vigil-style, which means that people can come in and leave as they need to. We begin the retreat at 7pm on Friday and continue through Sunday evening. […]

Mountains and Waters Sesshin

Gyoshi reports on the Mountains and Waters Sesshin in September: “Warm, clear days and cold, frosty nights. Tons of ripe blueberries and huckleberries. Elks bugling, snorting, whistling all around us during evening zazen. Separate meadows in full fall coloring for tents, zendo, and sanzen. A mostly successful experiment with mixing traditional sesshin forms with the […]

Looking Ahead to Genzo-e Retreat

The last week of July (July 26-30), we will do our annual Genzo-e retreat. Begin thinking now whether this would be possible for you to do. Doing the whole retreat and staying overnight makes it possible to take on a service position. Both of these intensify your retreat experience. Talk with the shuso about these […]

The May Sit Starts on Sunday!

Come celebrate the completion of our beautiful new Sodo and Phase I of our new campus in typical Zen style … by sitting very still for 31 days. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your own retreat. Sodo is open and staffed every day from 5:30am to 9pm (except Sunday, which opens at 8am) […]