Our liturgical year is divided roughly into quarters as shown in the Wheel of the Year diagram above. The two Ango periods are a time of more intense training, including zazen, study, and work, which alternate with lighter practice periods. The Ango tradition dates back to the summer rainy season retreats of the Buddha’s time. Our Ango periods in the fall and spring are loosely modeled after traditional 90-day practice periods in Japan, where they are held in summer and winter.

Ceremonies and Retreats

Rohatsu December 5-12
Shuso Hossen December 12
Fusatsu December 18
New Year’s Eve Celebration December 31

Shuso Installation January 2
Zazenkai January 8
Kanzeon Festival January 15
Beginners Day Retreat January 22
Half-Day Zazenkai January 29
Zazenkai February 5
Nehan February 6
Jukai February 14-20
The Space Between March 4-6
Spring Term Student March 19, April 23, May 28
Zazenkai March 26
Fusatsu March 26
Half-Day Zazenkai April 2
Sangha Forum April 10
Denkoe April 11-16
Wesak May 1
Zazenkai May 21
Parents Retreat June 4
Beginners Day Retreat June 11
Fusatsu June 11
Three Robes Retreat June 14-18
Shuso Hossen June 19
Zazenkai June 25
Shuso Installation July 3
Dharma Camp July 10-16
Half-Day Zazenkai July 23
Zazenkai August 6
Beginners Day Retreat August 3
Genzoe Sesshin August 6-10
Space Between Retreat August 16-18
Fall Term Student Retreats September 24, October 15, November 19
Fusatsu September 24
Two Ancestors Ceremony September 25
Zazenkai October 1
Half-Day Zazenkai October 8
Sangha Forum October 16
Sejiki October 26-30
Founders Vigil November 5-6
Zazenkai November 12

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