Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

p1026-kakumyohole-600Yesterday’s regular Wednesday work party did a lot of things undaunted by intermittent rain. Gemmon continues to work on the Japanese-style garden in front of the Sodo. She fills a wheelbarrow with gravel from the back, wheels it around to the front, dumps it where she wants it, and rakes it into place. Then goes back for another load. The garden shows the results of her care and continuing effort.

Kakumyo works on the support for the new sign to be erected near the Sodo. It will have our temple name in characters carved in it.

p1026-nancyzoki-600Zoki and Nancy work on putting together the new Transfer of Merit Board, which is now up inside the Sodo near the zendo. Soon we will have cards and ways for people to add names to the Merit List read at regular services.

p1027-tradeswomen-barn-900The Oregon Tradeswomen continue to work Thursdays on the barn. Framing up the inside will allow it to be available to us as a workshop and storage. Our volunteers also worked on it on Wednesday as well, preparing the way for the Tradeswomen to move forward.

p1027-pcc-sampling-900Yesterday, in addition to the Tradeswomen, PCC’s Environmental Studies class came to take samples and study the land.

It is wonderful to have facilities, including parking, so that we can offer the variety of events you see here and elsewhere on our calendar. Much gratitude to our many donors, benefactors, and volunteers.

We continue to work on finishing details inside and outside the Sodo, as well as on landscaping and gardening tasks. Regular Wednesday work parties are a great way to spend time with sangha doing useful things on the property. There are plenty of tasks for everyone who shows up between 9:30am-3pm. We also have a mid-day sit from 11:30am to 12:30pm. If you are around for lunch time (12:30pm), you get lunch for free.

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