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This years Denkoe started Monday night at 7pm. The morning sittings starting at 5am and the evening sittings starting at 7pm are both being Zoomed. Please visit our Denkoe page to get the links to the meetings and join us this week. We are still perfecting with our Zoom setup. Please let us know if… Read more »

This year we are holding Denkoe online. The residents and monastics will be sitting in the zendo both morning and evening, plus the sitting will be on Zoom. Please visit our Denkoe page to get all of the information on how you can join us this week.

Each year during Denkoe we study a chapter of the Denkoroku as a way of honoring and learning from our ancestors. This year, it is Daii Doshin. This year due to the current circumstances, Denkoe will be held at Dharma Rain, but will be closed to everyone but residents. To keep our connection to the greater sangha… Read more »

Each year we study a chapter of the Denkoroku as a way of honoring and learning from our ancestors. This year, April 16-21, Denkoe is a cloistered retreat on a trial basis. There are two entry points, at the Monday night beginning or on Friday for the weekend, with participants staying for the entire retreat… Read more »

April 16-22 marks our annual Denkoe Sesshin, where we study a fascicle from the Denkoroku, Keizan’s study of transmission stories of ancestors from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha to Koun Ejo. This is a way of honoring and learning from our ancestors. Registration is required by April 12 for meals and overnights, though zazen and… Read more »

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