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Dharma School Skits and Ice Cream Social

tional year-end Dharma School skits, where the children share something of what they have learned in the past year. This takes the place of the Dharma Talk, and is always a lot of fun. After that, we will have an ice cream social. All are invited. Join us this Sunday, June 4, for zazen, sanzen, […]

Frog Song Preschool News

Frog Song Montessori Preschool is finishing up its last week of summer camp. For the last five weeks, the children have been exploring the natural world. Through exploration and experimentation they’ve learned about birds, water, plants, trees, and the earth that supports us. Here Gyokuko is taking some children on a bird walk. They’ve been […]

Frog Song Enrolling for Fall

Frog Song Montessori Preschool is now enrolling for fall classes. They are hosting an open house this Friday, June 10, from 5-7pm. Frog Song is open to 3- to 5 year-olds and is accepting applications for fall enrollment and summer camp. Please drop by to learn about our program! The classroom is located in Uji […]

Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

We are having a quiet week, as one of three summer vacation schedule weeks during the summer. No morning program this week. This last Sunday, we had our annual Dharma School skits. For the first time ever, the parent groups also presented a skit. Wednesday work parties have resumed, and are a great way to […]

Dharma School Skits and Ice Cream Social

This coming Sunday we watch the traditional year-end Dharma School skits, where the children share something of what they have learned in the past year. This takes the place of the Dharma Talk, and is always a lot of fun. After that, we will have an ice cream social. All are invited. Join us this […]

Spring Sangha Forum

Twice a year, the sangha has an opportunity to hear from our governing bodies, to ask questions and give feedback. The spring forum is primarily sponsored by the Dharma Council. Some topics we covered were the Succession Plan, the May Sit, the Heart of Work retreat this fall, Liturgical year changes, and Sangha-building activities. The […]

Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

Last week’s Jukai sesshin was a great success. Here is the group of those taking the Precepts, along with the preceptor, shuso, jisha, and jikko. We jumped into using the new kitchen, even though it’s not quite complete. Still, it is functional, and we are enjoying its many features. The Sodo continues to move towards […]

Frog Song Enrolling for Fall

Frog Song, Dharma Rain’s Montessori preschool, is having a wonderful first year! Our 15 students have grown and thrived, explored their interests and possibilities, and created a close and caring community. Frog Song is now accepting applications for fall for children between the ages of 3 and 5. School hours are 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday through Friday. […]

Doug Fir Goes Out on the Town

Doug Fir, our high school Dharma School class, hit the town on Saturday night (January 2). We had dinner in the Eco-Trust building, an exciting and eventful Zen-themed scavenger hunt in Powell’s, and finished the evening with dessert at Ben and Jerry’s. We all had a great time!

Segaki 2015

What a treat it was to hold the Segaki Retreat and Ceremonies in the new Sodo. The new wood floor was only partially installed in the zendo, but it was enough to give us a flavor of it. It’s beautiful, and also wonderful to walk barefoot on. Having walls also really changes the feel of […]

Frog Song is Under Way

Frog Song Montessori Preschool is in its fourth week! The first few weeks have been full of excitement as the children get to know each other and the classroom. “Grace and courtesy” lessons, such as how to wash your hands and set up for lunch, how to quietly watch another child working or carefully carry […]

Dharma School Enrollment Deadline Saturday

This Saturday, August 15th, is the enrollment deadline for the 2015-2016 Dharma School program. Dharma School is for children and young people ages 3-18 who are interested in Buddhism or who come from Buddhist homes. It meets roughly every other Sunday from September to June. Registration information can be found online. E-mail the steering committee […]

Preschool Open House and Free Yoga Class

Frog Song Montessori Preschool is hosting a preschool open house and free yoga class Saturday, May 30, for kids of all ages. The class will be taught by Kym Sproule, a member of MoveYoga, a group dedicated to sharing yoga with children through games, music and storytelling. Kym has volunteered to teach yoga at Frog […]

Wesak Festival

Wesak is the festival of Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth. This is a precious time when the entire sangha – adults and kids, parents and those without children – celebrates together. The children meet before the Wesak ceremony to decorate a bower with flowers. This becomes shelter for a statue of the baby buddha placed in front […]

Frog Song Preschool Opens in September

We are pleased to announce that Frog Song Montessori Preschool will open September 2015! Frog Song joins Dharma School and Mandala on the Mountain summer camp as a new Dharma Garden program. Preschool development team members Shin’yu Vitells and Ko’in Newsom have worked to make this longtime vision of abbot Gyokuko Carlson and others a […]

Dharma School Overnight

Doug Fir, the Dharma School high school group, spent the night in a cabin on Mt Hood last Saturday. We hiked, played games, watched a movie, ate as much as we possibly could and had a lively discussion on happiness on Sunday morning. We had a great time!

Mandala on the Mountain – 2014

Successfully Concluded with Record Numbers During the week of July 13-19 Dharma Rain’s annual Mandala on the Mountain youth camp took place at Camp Adams, near Molalla. ¬†Fifty three campers and another 25 staff packed the little Zendo and dining room, and thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather as Portland baked in high 90s temperatures. Click […]