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Silver Mountain, Iron Wall

Perhaps one of the hardest barriers to our Zen practice is the barrier of “self.” Attaching to self as an entity separate from others generates patterns of suffering and confusion. The illusion of self also thwarts our ability to experience our deeper reality and its expression in our daily lives. Our great ancestor, Manzan Dohaku, […]

Meeting the Ancestral Teachers. . . In a Grass Hut

Following our Founder’s Day Service last week, we continue to commemorate with gratitude the great compassion that has been shown to us by our ancestral teachers. Fumyo explores the model for practice given to us by Shitou Xiqian (Sekito Kisen), our eighth Chinese ancestor. In his “Song of the Grass-Roof Hermitage,” Shitou shows us how […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a well-known aphorism that describes how we discover truth by building on the previous discoveries of those who came before us. This is also an apt description of the process whereby we learn to experience the truth of our own Buddha natures by building on the experience and […]

Tettsu Gikai and Parental Mind

Rick Fumyo Mishaga “In the same way that a parent cares for an only child, keep the Three Treasures in your mind.” [Dogen Zenji in Tenzo Kyokun] It was spring of 1237. Dogen, the founder of a fledging monastic community just south of Kyoto, had finally finished his Tenzo Kyokun, “Instructions for the Chief Cook.” […]