Thinking about ordination? It is a question that some sangha members explore, an exploration that can be fruitful. However, as our temple is dedicated to supporting lay practice, many people find satisfying ways in their daily lives to serve both the temple and all beings.

At Dharma Rain, monk/priest ordination is full-time service. That is, our monks serve the temple full-time, unlike some other temples where monks sometimes hold outside jobs, raise families, etc. All of our monks spent many years in lay practice before ordaining. The road to ordination here is a long, slow, process that begins with becoming a member, taking the Precepts, taking a Teacher (becoming a Disciple), entering a period of discernment in residential training, and spending at least a year as a Postulant.

During postulancy, a trainee lives on campus and is not allowed to leave without permission from her/his teacher. One needs to have money saved up to live on for more than a year. There are no guarantees of ordination or transmission for any who enter the training.

After ordination, the next five years are considered novice training, and, while responsibilities are gradually added and restrictions gradually lifted, the training in picking up and putting down different roles and responsibilities within the community continues. To some extent, discernment still continues into whether this is the best path for the trainee.

You are welcome to come practice with us, check out the community and enter this process of discernment.

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