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Bukkai plans to take another look at a poem by Dainin Katagiri that she first presented a long time ago and is still considering. The last section reads: If I were not to agree with your teaching, Believe it or not, My life would be drifting in space, Like an astronaut separate from her ship… Read more »

At the center of this Sunday’s Dharma Talk will be a twentieth century Korean koan from The Hidden Lamp collection entitled “Manseong’s No Cultivation.” Bukkai will respond to the material and offer her thoughts on related teachings. One day a nun asked Manseong Sunim, “How do I cultivate the Way of the Buddha?” “No cultivation,”… Read more »

Inspired by Dogen’s Dharma Hall Discourse #68, “Jumping and Stumbling in a Fragrant World,” Bukkai will examine the life of practice of an ordinary bodhisattva in this 21st century world. This talk was given Sunday, March 19, 2017.

Bukkai says: from the Buddha’s time to our present day, finding examples is simple but following examples is not easy. On this day we also celebrated Nehan Festival, which commemorates the Buddha’s most profound teaching, offered on his deathbed. This talk was given on Sunday, February 26.

Fall Ango will begin by recognizing old women in zen’s timeless koan heritage, the challenges and opportunities they offered then and even now. Bukkai’s talk is inspired by “The Old Woman of Mount Wutai,” a koan from ninth century China, and her own experiences of many years. This talk was Sunday, September 4.

Bukkai’s talk carries a long thread of love of mountains in zen writing and mountains in themselves. She makes suggestions for study of the walking of human beings and the walking of mountains. This talk was given on Sunday, April 24.

This Sunday we will celebrate Nehan, a festival that commemorates the death of Shakyamuni Buddha. It celebrates the transmission of the Dharma (teaching) throughout the ages – a transmission that is not dependent on the physical presence of the original teacher. After the Nehan ceremony, Bukkai’s talk will be based on the Buddha’s last words… Read more »

In this week of Rohatsu, let us not deny the possibility of enlightenment. Join us this Sunday, December 6, for zazen, sanzen and Bukkai’s Dharma Talk. Bukkai and Shintai offer sanzen. 8:30am Zazen (with optional sanzen) 9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation) 9:10 Zazen 9:40 Full Morning Service 10:10 Break/Announcements 10:30 Walking the Path in Darkness and… Read more »

“Decisions are the junctures where our lives meet the world. They define the trail we leave behind.” While the source of this quote is unclear, it is worth investigation at the beginning of Ango. With inspiration from Dainin Katagiri to Dr. Seuss, Bukkai will follow several threads concerning how we decide. This talk was given… Read more »

I met my teacher and said “I have only always wanted to be helpful.” She probably thought: “Oh, here comes another one suffering with some heavy stuff to sort out.” Then she said to herself with sincerity: “Great beginning.” To me she said instead, “well, let’s put that on hold for awhile, learn our practice… Read more »

The title of this talk refers to a relatively early (1980) collection in English of writings of masters in the Soto Zen lineage. Bukkai explored the ordinary moments in which we share eternity in our awakening practice. This talk was given Sunday, March 1.

Bukkai will speak on one of the Jataka Tales. In our culture, the full moon brings up images of a “Man in the Moon,” but in the East, particularly in Korea, you can’t talk about the full moon without thinking about the rabbit in the moon. She read and commented on the story and everyone… Read more »

For the first Ango Sunday in fall 2014, Bukkai referenced a Pete Seeger song, with words from the book of Ecclesiastes: To everything – turn, turn, turn There is a season – turn, turn, turn And a time for every purpose under heaven. This talk given Sunday, September 7. Listen to the recording here.

The Dharma Talk for Sunday, August 3, was about family. Bukkai’s way in is an unusual koan from The Hidden Lamp collection entitled “Ganji’s Family.” Bukkai found much food for thought in the story and she hopes that those hearing this talk will as well.

Bukkai finds that in every season of precept practice there is something new and vital to be found, like the first slightly surprising appearance of spring growth. She talked about two gifts of this season. This talk was given Sunday, March 9. Listen to this talk.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us plan meals, plan for preparing and eating food. Bukkai talked about how the simple repetitive aspects of our lives having to do with food can become serious spiritual practice. Listen to this talk, which was on Sunday, November 24.

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