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DRZC T-Shirts: Available for a Limited Time Only!

Support Dharma Rain and look good doing it by purchasing a Dharma Rain t-shirt! Shirts are available in four styles and an array of sizes, and proceeds will go directly to Dharma Rain’s operating fund. You can opt to have the shirt mailed to you for a small fee, or pick it up at Uji […]

Member Spotlight: Randall Daigai Filbert

Experience reveals just how challenging Zen practice can be. Being awake, rather than dreaming, requires behavioral discipline, gentle vigilance, and a willingness to accept discomfort, as layers of conditioned responses are illuminated. Again and again I have seen the value of sangha, and the teacher-student relationship in particular, for helping to sustain and revitalize practice. […]

Member Spotlight: Brian Howard

“Dharma Rain has been a bright pathway for me in discovering the dharma and discovering how Zen practice is such a good thing for my life. The community is so inviting and helpful, it didn’t take long for me to see that this sangha was going to play a very important part in supporting and […]

Member Spotlight

Why membership is important to me: I joined Dharma Rain as a member fairly soon after discovering it. Once I got my feet wet, I recognized that this was a practice, and a community, that would lead to good in my life. Becoming a member allowed me to express my commitment to the prosperity of […]