Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

p0921-katsuragemmon-900Gemmon continues to work on the Japanese-style formal garden. Wednesday’s sun lights up the Katsura tree.

p0921-fu-painting-900Fujaku painted the sign for the entrance to the property, which Hakugyu carved. Notice that Fujaku has nutritional reinforcement as part of his work.

Wednesday’s work party also included adding bamboo to the planters that will eventually be in front of the residences. Kakumyo and his team worked on that.

p0922-audobon-explanation-900Thursday we had a special event. The Audubon Society released a red-tailed hawk that they had rehabilitated, on to the property. The representative explained that the hawk could go anywhere once released, but that they were hoping it would land in a nearby tree to get its bearings before deciding where to go next. As if it heard him, it flew immediately to the tree and landed as hoped.

We continue to work on finishing details inside and outside the Sodo, as well as on landscaping and gardening tasks. Regular Wednesday work parties are a great way to spend time with sangha doing useful things on the property. There are plenty of tasks for everyone who shows up between 9:30am-3pm. We also have a mid-day sit from 11:30am to 12:30pm. If you are around for lunch time (12:30pm), you get lunch for free.

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