An overview of Dharma Rain’s organizational structure is below. See the Organizational Structure document for a full description.

Board of Directors: Led by the Chair of the Board. Responsible for fiscal management, fundraising, strategic planning, management of legal liability and risk, operating in accordance with articles of incorporation and bylaws. The Ethics Council reports to the Board. 

Abbot: The Abbot is an ordained and transmitted Soto Zen priest who is the executive and spiritual director of the organization. As Executive Director, the Abbot is supervised by the Board of Directors. The Abbot appoints the Godo, Kanin and any assistants to these positions, and may themselves fill one or more of those positions. 

West Hall (Teaching)East Hall (Operations)Dharma Garden (Children and Family Programs)
Led ByGodo*, Assistant Godo*Kanin*, Assistant Kanin*Head of Dharma Garden
Councils and groups within these areasDharma Rain Active Transmitted Teachers (DRATT) – Teaching assignments, teacher collaboration
Dharma Council – Presentation and practice of Dharma
Elders Council – Sangha culture and tradition
Sangha Council – Manages volunteers
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee
Dharma Garden Council
Activities in this areaTeaching – Dharma Talks, class instructor appointments, sesshin. Ceremonial ryo – (jisha, precenting, guestmaster, zoom, sacristy, doshi, sanzen), Tanto* Programs – Affiliated Groups, Prison Program, Sangha Support Network, Hand in Hand (End of life care)Administration – Bookkeeping, HR, communications, IT, fundraising, health and safety
Facilities – Grounds, maintenance, library, sewing, housekeeping, residency, Shika*, Tenzo*
Dharma School, Dharma Camp, Frog Song Montessori Preschool, Parents Group, Family Programs

*Temple officers meet regularly to facilitate communication among decision-making bodies.

The current temple officers are:

  • Kakumyo Lowe-Charde, Abbot. Executive and Spiritual Director. Administrative head of the entire temple.
  • Kakumyo Lowe-Charde, Kanin. Director of Operations. Administrative head of Operations.
  • Alison Muchaku Dunfee, Assistant Kanin.
  • Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Godo. Director of Teaching. Administrative head of Teaching.
  • Phyllis Daiko Maynard, Assistant Godo.
  • Jyoshin Clay, Tanto. Head of Form. Responsible for maintaining standards of temple forms and monitoring the tone and spirit of the training hall.
  • Genko Rainwater, Tenzo. (Head Cook). In charge of kitchen-related activities.
  • Unju Sokuchu Shusho (Chief Junior). In charge of trainees.
  • Zonnyo Riger, Shika. In charge of hospitality, communications.

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