Dharma Rain’s organizational structure is represented by the image of a mandala, which describes the shared and interrelated nature of organizational responsibility among many different people, teams, and councils. This system of shared responsibility is known at Dharma Rain as the Mandala Model. The graphic below visually represents how these elements work together.


Six administrative councils exercise authority each in their particular area of concern.  The Board of Directors and the Dharma Council oversee the operations side and the teaching side of the Mandala respectively.  The Elders’ Council, Ethics Council, and Mandala Council have specific administrative roles with responsibilities that span the entire mandala. The Dharma Garden Council administrates programs for children and families.

The Mandala Model Organizational Structure describes the mandate for each council. This document also provides a history of the development of the Mandala Model at Dharma Rain, describes in more detail the relationship between the various parts of the model, includes a useful list of terms, and describes the roles of the temple officers.

The current temple officers are:

  • Kakumyo Lowe-Charde, Abbot. Executive and Spiritual Director. Administrative head of the entire temple.
  • Kakumyo Lowe-Charde, Kanin. Director of Operations. Administrative head of the Operations side of the Mandala Model.
  • Annen Moyer, Assistant Kanin.
  • Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Godo. Director of Teaching. Administrative head of the Teaching side of the Mandala Model.
  • Gabe Fields, Assistant Godo.
  • Kyri Kengan Treiman, Tanto. Head of Form. Responsible for maintaining standards of temple forms and monitoring the tone and spirit of the training hall.
  • Genko Rainwater, Tenzo. Head Cook. In charge of kitchen-related activities.
  • Gary Honei Oshiro. Chief Junior. In charge of trainees.

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