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New Lay Disciples; Garden Waking Up

On March 9, six people became lay disciples. Kakumyo’s students are Minshu, Honei, Yusatsu, Sokuchu, and Zuiryu. Jiko’s student is Daiko. All of them have sewn rakusus and met all other criteria for becoming lay disciples. The sangha rejoices. The weather is slowly getting better, and we are beginning to work outdoors again. Wednesday’s work […]

Dharma Rain News – Inspection Passed!

Top news this week is that the duplexes have passed the final inspections, and are now certified for occupancy. As a result, our residents can officially move in, and we have flexibility to arrange these spaces for our use. This comes out of a lot of hard work on the part of many volunteers, and […]

Dharma Rain News

A couple of years ago, Fujaku planted a lot of strawberry plants. This week, we are reaping the fruit of that planting, while Fu swelters in a monastery in Japan. Nothing like sweet fresh-picked organic strawberries for breakfast and in desserts! In other news, plumbing and electrical is moving forward on the duplexes, and volunteers […]

New Corn Crop

Painted Mountain corn was developed by Dave Christensen in the 1970s to withstand the cold temperatures and arid soil of Montana. It was created by open pollinating up to 70 different varieties of ancient corn from northern tribes of Native Americans (particularly the Mandans) and also heirloom stock from the homesteaders of the plains. For […]