Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

P0818signslab-600The large slab of wood in front of the Sodo is destined to become a beautiful sign, including the tomoe and our name, Dharma Rain Zen Center. These have been traced on to the board, and will be carved and painted during the next few months. Can you see the faintly-traced tomoe in the photograph?

P0818-Ikuo-displaybox-600Many other finishing tasks are under way, including this one that Ikuo is contemplating in the sanzen room. We will mount a Gandharan Buddha head that we have had for several years, with appropriate lighting and framing.

Lots of gardening is going on: maintenance, watering, development, and harvesting.

Regular Wednesday work parties are a great way to spend time with sangha doing useful things on the property. There are plenty of tasks for everyone who shows up between 9:30-3pm. If you are around for lunch time (12:30pm), you get lunch for free.