Membership at Dharma Rain Zen Center represents commitment to the sangha and the Buddhist training that the sangha embodies. The benefits of membership include:

  • Reduced fees for most events and retreats.
  • Access to participation in certain programs, such as Term Student, Seminary, Taking Your Seat, and residency.
  • Library book check-out.
  • Participation in the election of the Board of Directors.
  • The ability to keep end of life wishes on file at Dharma Rain, including pastoral care or Zen services desired.
  • Access to the Sangha Support Network, members email group, and Hand in Hand support.

We invite you to contribute to the vibrancy of Zen Buddhism in Portland, Oregon, by becoming a member of Dharma Rain – your support makes a difference.

Dharma Rain acknowledges the importance of generosity in practice and believes that it can be expressed in many ways. If financial donations are an obstacle, dedicated volunteer time can be recognized with membership.  Click here to email us and sign up for a volunteer membership.

Membership Categories

Benefactor: $200+/month. Benefactors are investing in the long-term development of Dharma Rain Zen Center. This development improves the resources we already have, and supports their continued availability to the growing number of people seeking the Dharma in the greater Portland area.

Sustaining Member: $100-$199/month. Sustaining Members help keep fees for retreats and other events low, and allow us to continue to offer many services, workshops, and classes free of charge to the general community.

Supporting Member: $50-$99/month. Pledging at this level helps to keep facilities open and operating, and to support the monastic staff who serve the temple.

Center Friend: $30-$49/month. Pledges at this level help cover our basic expenses such as utilities, food, and general supplies.

Contributing Member: Those who pledge whatever they can afford are always welcome and appreciated. Those who donate at least $15/month ($180/year) are Contributing Members, and receive all the benefits of membership.

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