Segaki altar closeupOn October 28-30 we hold our annual weekend Segaki retreat, focused on cleansing karma and releasing attachments to the past, including those who have died. The retreat is vigil-style, which means that people can come in and leave as they need to. We begin the retreat at 7pm on Friday and continue through Sunday evening. Registration for meals and overnights is now closed, though periods of zazen and ceremonies are open to all. See the schedule for good times to come in.

During the Festival we will read a list of names of those who have died in the last year, or those who have died in the past and not been remembered in a Segaki Festival before. All of those who have been on our merit list will be included. If you have other names to add, please send them to the staff.

Please note that this Sunday’s schedule will be different from the usual Sunday schedule because of the retreat.

9:30 Zazen
10:00 Segaki Festival
10:45 Informal Tea
Noon Lunch

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