New Community Workshops

Three new community workshops begin in November, one each month. They are each two hours long, free, and don’t require any Buddhist background or interest. A mix of explanation, meditation, experiential exercises, and facilitated discussion will be used to ensure that the workshop is practical and translates to your life.

Cultivating Compassion

Feel caught by a sense of isolation or anxiety? Want to develop your ability to relate to others and your own self with more warmth and authenticity? This workshop will help you access compassion in challenging times, leading to greater connection and satisfaction. Thursday, November 17, 7-9pm Sodo

Dealing with Stress

Is life a little much sometimes? Do you find yourself saying things you wish you wouldn’t? Want to recover your sense of ease and joy? This workshop teaches a variety of simple but effective techniques that reduce stress and emotional reactivity. The focus will be on internal mindfulness practices that we can make use of in any situation. As proficiency grows, many find increased happiness, adaptability and confidence. Saturday, December 3, 1-3pm Sodo

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Does work sometimes feel like a blur, or that you turn into someone else to get through it? Want to leave work feeling focused, and connected to your sense of choice? This workshop introduces a series of internal mindfulness practices that are simple to incorporate into work environments. Thursday, January 19, 7-9pm Sodo

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