After falling ill and being asked to quarantine to help protect residents and sangha during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dharma Rain priest and teacher Genko Rainwater recently re-entered the residential community. Her time away from responsibilities and community was not easy and stimulated old, karmic baggage. In this edition of Dharma Gates, Genko shares an essay… Read more »

This week we are sharing a paper written by Corey Scott Jensen, a Dharma Rain sangha member and an inmate at Oregon State Penitentiary. Gyoshi provided the following introduction to Dharma Rain’s prison program and Corey’s paper:  DRZC’s prison program began in earnest in 1997 with visits by Getsushin Brox to two men on Oregon… Read more »

This years Denkoe started Monday night at 7pm. The morning sittings starting at 5am and the evening sittings starting at 7pm are both being Zoomed. Please visit our Denkoe page to get the links to the meetings and join us this week. We are still perfecting with our Zoom setup. Please let us know if… Read more »

This year we are holding Denkoe online. The residents and monastics will be sitting in the zendo both morning and evening, plus the sitting will be on Zoom. Please visit our Denkoe page to get all of the information on how you can join us this week.

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the forum. Its amazing to see how quickly we are all adapting to our new conditions. The Zoom meetings are so going well, everybody is learning how to interact on Zoom. As far as this morning our apologies, the Sangha Forum ended a bit abruptly. Everything was… Read more »

It would seem that Zoom has been around longer than we have been told. Here is an article that speaks to how the Dharma has been been handed down through Zoom

Shin’yu is doing a great job of reaching out to our neighbors to offer our raised garden beds. A mix of neighbors and sangha members are now spending time getting their beds ready for spring. To help the gardeners and the different groups that work on our site, we are building two garden sheds, and… Read more »

Each year during Denkoe we study a chapter of the Denkoroku as a way of honoring and learning from our ancestors. This year, it is Daii Doshin. This year due to the current circumstances, Denkoe will be held at Dharma Rain, but will be closed to everyone but residents. To keep our connection to the greater sangha… Read more »

A lot of people have been asking so what is it like at the temple? Is the schedule still being followed? All of us have our own stories about how things have changed and what our lives look like now. One of the current residents of Dharma Rain Kemyo, has written a piece on what… Read more »

This last Sunday morning we zoomed our zazen and Dharma Talk. At one point we had 84 people joining us. Thank you to everyone who joined us! We are rolling out more and more online. This week we will add our Ango Morning Program, Wednesday-Saturday morning from 5:30am until 7:30am. All meeting links can be… Read more »

We are going to Zoom this Sunday’s service, all of it! We are going to open up a laptop in the back of the zendo and just let it run from 8:30am until 11:30am ish. For the sitting the sound might not be the best, but it will allow everyone to join us. For the… Read more »

Many people have been asking is the temple still going. YES with everything that is going on the temple is functioning just the same. The schedule is still being followed. We still have sitting Wednesday-Saturday morning and midday. Also Sunday schedule is still being followed with a bit of a twist in setting up the… Read more »

Dharma Rain is working hard to get remote options up and running for most of the weekly programs. Starting this Sunday we will Zoom the Dharma Talk by Gyoshi. It will be our first remote meeting of many. We are meeting right now to get all of the details sorted out so this can go… Read more »

Dharma Rain has closed for all public events. Right now we are clearing the calendar for the month of March. Towards the end of March, we will have more information on what April will look like. To continue our practice Dharma Rain, we be moving as many events as possible to Zoom. To get yourself… Read more »

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