Phase 1 Reopening Starts Sunday June 14!

Starting this Sunday, Dharma Rain Zen Center will be moving into phase 1 reopening. This means that for the Sunday morning program, and the Wednesday night classes, we will be able to seat 25 people! It is going to be great to start to see everyone again. There are a number of guidelines that we will be following. It is important that everyone read the Health and Safety Committee Reopening Update (HSC) to better understand how things will work.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone will have to sign up to be able to attend. The way to sign up is to go to the event page and fill in the form. For the Sunday morning program, the form will be available just after 5pm the Thursday before. For Wednesday evening classes the form will be available just after 5pm the Sunday before. You will receive an email the morning before the event letting you know if there is space that week, or if you will be put on the waiting list. Dharma Rain will do the best we can to get everybody is as space allows. Below is an excerpt from the HSC report that begins to explain how all of this will work.

Signing Up for a Program

The HSC wants everyone who is interested in attending Wednesday Open Classes and Sunday
Services to have access to these programs. Sign up for these programs will be available on
Thursdays after the email bulletin has been electronically distributed. Although preference will
be given to Dharma Rain members for Sunday Services, otherwise sign up for these programs
is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who send in a request to attend a program will be
notified by Saturday morning of their status. To the extent that demand exceeds space
limitations, unmet requests will be carried over to the following week’s program. Dharma Rain
intends to keep these sign-up lists on file for several weeks in case attendees need to be notified
of possible exposure to COVID-19. As of the date of this update, there have been no known
cases of COVID-19 at Dharma Rain.

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