Kakumyo wrote a description of one of our newest ceremonies, Daigen Shuri, which occurs right after our Fusatsu ceremonies, around the solstices and equinoxes. The most recent addition to Dharma Rain’s liturgy is the Daigen Shuri ceremony.  This ceremony is done four times a year, following our Fusatsu ceremony, which happens on a Saturday evening… Read more »

Genko and others from Dharma Rain recently shared a sesshin with Zen West/Empty Field in Eugene. In this post, Genko shares pictures and reflections from the event. Last year’s Cultivating the Way (CTW) retreat west of Eugene was cancelled because of Covid. This year it went on as scheduled August 18-22, with modifications. Most of… Read more »

Chris Reiju Nelsen When we set out our bowls for oryoki, after chanting the places of the Buddha, we intone: Now we set out Buddha’s bowls;may we, with all beings, realize the emptiness of the three wheels:giver, receiver and gift.  I’ve always loved this part of the chant and like to look for the emptiness of… Read more »

Nancy Gonzales, long time Dharma Rain member and participant at Wednesday work practice, wrote about her experiences to share with us. She notes the importance of work practice as a means to engage with sangha and the special land we are lucky to care for. I started attending Wednesday work practice around the time the… Read more »

written by Gabe Penk, Gardenmaster The land around Dharma Rain is always full of life, but this time of year it is particularly evident. If you have not been in-person recently, it is an ideal time to walk the various trails, pay regards to the chickens, or sit and enjoy the flowers in the garden.… Read more »

March 21, 2021 Compassionate Abbot, Thank you for this opportunity to come before the Sangha and officially announce that I am retiring from my public role as a lay teacher. It is time for me to step aside to make room for other teachers, although I plan to stay active in our Sangha by working… Read more »

Sokyo offers a book report on A Fearless Heart by Thupten Jinpa: I highly recommend this book because it is multi-faceted. The author, Thupten Jinpa,  has a background in Classical Tibetan Buddhism and has established himself in a cross-cultural position. He cites many scientific studies and research on the brain and exercises around demonstrating compassion.… Read more »

Join us every other Friday, more or less, from 7pm-8:30pm as we explore the text Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation by Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, and Jasmine Syedullah. In what ways do we (perhaps unknowingly, perhaps not) perpetuate the system of white supremacy and oppression? How do people without our privilege experience the… Read more »

Daoren means “person of the way.” In Soto practice, the way is always right before us. The Daoren Circle seek to practice the way wholeheartedly within our everyday lives through the Mahayana practice of vow. Daoren commit to a year of practice with common vows as well as optional individual vow(s). Members of Dharma Rain who have taken the… Read more »

Starting on June 14 Dharma Rain will open Sunday morning service and Wednesday evening sitting. The groups are limited to 25 so everyone will have to register to attend. Please read the guidelines for reopening so you know what to expect. To register you will need to go the calendar page, find the event you… Read more »

We were able to pivot to using Zoom quite quickly but… on the recording side of things there was a bit more of a bump. We have been gathering the Dharma Talks and Classes that were saved on various computers, and it looks like we are coming up short. We are missing two Dharma Talks,… Read more »

The chant book that we use at Dharma Rain is on our website, but can be hard to find. Here is a link so you can follow along at home. Morning service during the week alternates between the Women’s Line Service, and the Traditional Line Service. The Women’s Line Service includes Harmony of Difference and… Read more »

Well our mistake, and apologies to Kaishin. It looks like her article got cut off in the newsletter. Please follow the link to find out how it all ends!

This Sunday Kakumyo will be giving the Dharma Talk and he will also talk abit about the fact that Oregon will start to reopen on the 15th. Dharma Rain will not reopen then, but we are starting to look at what reopening would look like. Soon there will a request for the sangha to see… Read more »

With sadness, the Dharma Garden Council has cancelled this summer’s session of Dharma Camp. Camp requires a lot of advance planning, and with so much still uncertain, the Council made the difficult decision to not hold camp this year. We hope to plan a camp-like gathering for youth at the Dharma Rain campus at some… Read more »

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