Where is the chant book?

The chant book that we use at Dharma Rain is on our website, but can be hard to find. Here is a link so you can follow along at home.

Ango Morning service (spring and fall) during the week alternates between the Women’s Line Service, and the Traditional Line Service.

The Women’s Line Service includes Harmony of Difference and Sameness, p.3, Line of Women Dharma Ancestors, p.10, Universal Gateway Chapter, p.14 and the Transfer of Merit.

The Traditional Ancestral Line Service, includes The Precious Mirror Samadhi, p.4, Traditional Ancestral Line, p.7, Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra, p.12 and the Transfer of Merit.

On Saturdays the morning service is one of three. Victors Ceremony, p.19, Special Kanzeon Ceremony, p.22, and Fudo Ceremony, p.24

Sunday’s full morning service starts on page three. The lineage chant changes alternates each week between the Traditional and Women’s line.

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