Lotus Blooming: Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

We just updated the Lotus Blooming page!

Dharma Rain Zen Center’s capital campaign for Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square is an effort to transform a brownfield into a space for spiritual practice, community connection and native habitat. Dharma Rain is committed to raising $1 million in individual donations to make Phase I of this inspiring vision a reality.

A pink lotus flower and lily pads with saturated colorThe Lotus Blooming campaign kicked-off with the groundbreaking ceremony on June 8, 2013. Fundraising for Phase I will continue for three years. As of February 2015, we have received individual donations and pledges totaling $549,671 – 55% of our goal. In addition, we have raised $493,000 in targeted grants for other components of Lotus Blooming.

We are grateful to our Sangha members and friends for their generosity thus far. On to the remaining 45% of our goal!