Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

28office&sodoA lot of work has been going on at Siskiyou, showing dramatic results for all of the many generous donations from sangha members. Dharma Rain’s new construction trailer, a large double-wide, was delivered and put together this week. Wednesday evening sitting and classes, as well as other meetings and events, will soon have ample space. The office and library will also move into here and be available for your use when we have electricity hooked up. After adding furniture, stairs, and a ramp, the building should be ready in March.

35top-of-drywell-600Much of the work on the property has looked like nothing so much as digging holes and filling them in. These holes and trenches hold a lot of infrastructure – various kinds of pipes carrying water, sewer, electrical, and storm water. The storm water system is almost complete. Water filters through bioswales, planters, and the pond, and goes down through pipes to dry wells in the southeast corner of the property, outside of the former landfill and lower than anything else on the property. This avoids getting landfill contaminants into the ground water. These dry wells are almost complete. All that shows of the completed ones are access covers flush with the ground.

42ductworkThe roof is finished and the siding is up on the outside of the Sodo. There has also been work going on inside. Here is some of the ductwork up in the rafters.

The photo below shows the Sodo with roofers finishing the last piece, the siding almost finished, and a new Japanese Umbrella Pine donated by Hoka planted nearby, next to the wheelchair ramp. The Umbrella Pine was one of Kyogen’s favorites.
In addition to planting the pine tree, Wednesday’s volunteers worked on sealing siding on the Sodo, cleaning out the shipping container and site cleanup, and building bridges in the ravine. We have work parties on Wednesdays on the property from about 9:30am to about 3:30pm. Lunch is provided for those who are around at noon. Come in the gate at NE 85th and Siskiyou and look for people out toward the Sodo.

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