Lotus Blooming

Dharma Rain Zen Center’s capital campaign for Planting Zen is an effort to transform a brownfield into a space for spiritual practice, community connection, and native habitat. Dharma Rain is committed to raising $1 million to make this inspiring vision a reality.

Additional goals for the Lotus Blooming campaign are to:

  • sign 50 people up for planned giving
  • secure $1.5 million in private loans
  • receive monetary donations from 1,000 different people
  • educate and engage the public with stewardship of the site.

The Lotus Blooming campaign kicked-off with the groundbreaking ceremony on June 8, 2013, and will continue for three years. As of May 30th, 2014, we have received pledges and donations totaling ~ $444,000 in addition to $427,000 in targeted grants.

Although Lotus Blooming flows directly from Dharma Rain’s core mission of making the Dharma accessible to all within their everyday lives, it is different from annual fundraising in several ways:

  • It is specifically tied to Planting Zen and all funds will be used for building Dharma Rain’s new campus and paying for the land, not for operating expenses. Capital expenses such as these are well beyond the annual budget, and most non-profits require specific campaigns to address these needs.
  • We are trying to broaden our donor base with this campaign, so that we are not relying only on our local membership for our needs. We have a compelling case, because Planting Zen has substantial benefit for the broader public. We are doing environmental remediation, habitat restoration, education, urban renewal, sustainable development, and more.
  • We are looking for larger gifts. This is an incredible opportunity to create something special for the sangha and region, and unique in American Zen. The scale of the project will require us to stretch our resources. We have a solid start; there is more to do.

We want to introduce you to our work with Semble, an innovative way to bring socially responsible investors together with non-profits for mutual benefit, and a great way for Dharma Rain to pay off the land sale contract and gain title to the new property. A July 2014 webinar spent some time answering questions from sangha members. Access the recording of the webinar here. The website set up for this particular program is an excellent resource. Feel free to share this link with family or friends who may be interested. There’s a lot of information there, and plentiful support if you have questions. You can also speak with Kyogen [kyogen at dharma-rain dot org] or Kakumyo [kakumyo at dharma-rain dot org] on Dharma Rain’s side.

Whatever your situation, there is a way for you to help make this vision a reality. We are asking for a gift to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square and help this Lotus to Blossom.

Thank you to our donors for their generous support. (Updated 10/17/2014)