Month: March 2014

Nine New Buddhist Take the Precepts at Jukai After six weeks of classes and special practices, and one week of sesshin (intensive retreat), the sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts were given to nine new Buddhists on Sunday March 23rd in the ceremony of Jukai. Friends, family, and sangha members attended, with a buffet lunch and special “Jukai… Read more »

by Jeanna Annen Moyer Every year for the past several years, Dharma Rain has had a spring fundraiser to raise money for our operating costs. While we are largely supported by member donations, the annual event has been a big help in meeting the costs of utilities, insurance, food, and many other expenses that are… Read more »

As we headed into our week-long retreat, DaiJukai, or “Great Jukai” (Giving and Receiving of the Buddhist Precepts), Seido talked about how we understand the study and practice of ethical action in Zen. She particularly focused on one of the ten grave precepts – Do Not Speak Dishonestly – Communicate Truthfully – and its commentary:… Read more »

Suddenly summer seems like tomorrow. Things are starting to move very fast behind the scenes in preparation for the summer’s construction activities. Lots of details coordinating with the city, engineers, insurers, contractors, suppliers, DEQ, and various partners so that as dry weather arrives we are ready to take advantage of it. We have heavy equipment… Read more »

When we announced the Dharma Talk for Sunday March 2nd, Co-abbot Kyogen Carlson was pondering several topics. One was, literally “Who Knows?” After some deliberation, he stuck with that subject, using the koan, “Dizang’s Not Knowing is Most Intimate” and other stories from The Book of Serenity.” To listen to this Dharma Talk, click here.

February 2014 This summary describing the work of the temple’s three major decision-making bodies is published regularly. Each of the three major bodies of the temple mandala – the Board of Directors, the Dharma Council and the Mandala Council – meets monthly and provides notes to be consolidated for a report to the sangha. A… Read more »

Bukkai finds that in every season of precept practice there is something new and vital to be found, like the first slightly surprising appearance of spring growth. She talked about two gifts of this season. This talk was given Sunday, March 9. Listen to this talk.

Property Update The Board has accepted an offer for the Dharma House, and inspections are underway. A family wants to buy it as their primary residence, and the agreed-upon price is substantially higher than what we (briefly) listed the house for a year ago. The Board also agreed to move forward on selling the Zendo… Read more »

Rick Fumyo Mishaga “In the same way that a parent cares for an only child, keep the Three Treasures in your mind.” [Dogen Zenji in Tenzo Kyokun] It was spring of 1237. Dogen, the founder of a fledging monastic community just south of Kyoto, had finally finished his Tenzo Kyokun, “Instructions for the Chief Cook.”… Read more »

Transcript of a Dharma Talk by Kyogen Carlson “Koan” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word “kung-an,” which means public record. This was a Chinese legal term that referred to records of cases that set precedent, like “case law.” In the Zen tradition, koans are records of particular events such as an exchange between master… Read more »

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