Entering the Buddha Way

01-GroupNine New Buddhist Take the Precepts at Jukai

After six weeks of classes and special practices, and one week of sesshin (intensive retreat), the sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts were given to nine new Buddhists on Sunday March 23rd in the ceremony of Jukai. Friends, family, and sangha members attended, with a buffet lunch and special “Jukai Cookies” following. Many thanks to Kakumyo Lowe-Charde for heading up the sacristy crew for the elaborate ceremonies that are part of the “DaiJukai” week we celebrate every third year. Thanks also are due to Shin’yu Vitells as Tenzo, who provided wonderful tasty food right on time, and to Jyoshin Clay as Shuso, keeping the sesshin on an even keel directing traffic and supplying work practice assignments. Kyogen was the Preceptor this year, for the last DaiJukai, indeed the last Jukai, we will hold in these wonderful facilities. But onward to our new campus and establishing our traditions in a new home. There are more photos on the next page. Click on any photo for a larger view.

01-Procession03-Start-of-CeremonyLeft: Procession in – Right: Starting the Ceremony





04-Stacy-Riger05-Scott-ApplemanLeft: Stacy Riger – Right: Scott Appleman





Left: Chris York – Right: Sarah Flynn06-Chris-York07-Sarah-Flynn






08-Joe-Walder09-Carla-DanleyLeft: Joe Walder – Right: Carla Danley





10-Meredith-Obenchain11-J-ChristianLeft: Meredith Obenchain – Right: J Christian





12-Steve-Nistor13-Closing-ChantLeft: Steve Nistor – Right: Closing Chants





14-Closing-BowsLeft: Closing Bows


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