Siskiyou / Transition Updates

Property Update
The Board has accepted an offer for the Dharma House, and inspections are underway. A family wants to buy it as their primary residence, and the agreed-upon price is substantially higher than what we (briefly) listed the house for a year ago. The Board also agreed to move forward on selling the Zendo to Portland Friends of the Dhamma. That deal is moving forward more slowly, but moving nonetheless.

There will be some kind of formal closing ceremony for the Zendo in June. We’d like to do an updated version of the photo of the congregation in front of the building. The Board also suggested creating an opportunity for members to share their memories of these precious buildings.

This summer and fall we’ll be putting in a large garden on the property. If you want to be involved in planning and working on this, let us know.

We now have a Moving Milestones document available on the web so that you can see current plans for what will happen next with the move. It will continue to be updated as we know more about what will happen when.

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