Monthly InterCouncil Summary

February 2014

This summary describing the work of the temple’s three major decision-making bodies is published regularly. Each of the three major bodies of the temple mandala – the Board of Directors, the Dharma Council and the Mandala Council – meets monthly and provides notes to be consolidated for a report to the sangha. A governance notebook with approved minutes is filed in the temple office. A list of current Council members and areas of concern, individual charges to leadership, and temple job positions are listed on the temple website.

The InterCouncil Mandala Review Committee (ICMRC) is a standing committee formed from members of the Board of Directors and the Dharma and Mandala Councils. They receive reports from each Council and the Board and discuss common issues.

Issues of property and program transition were discussed and are reported in more detail later in this summary under individual councils.
The Spring Sangha Forum will aim to present a clear transition timeline with known dates and dates when we will know more. The Forum will feature the Dharma Council’s plans for program as well as space for program and groups. The Board’s presentation is still in the planning stages.
The Mandala Council will submit a nomination of a new member to the Board for approval. The dates for Dharma Council meetings are fluctuating for the next few months because of needing more meeting time.

Next meeting: March 12, 2014

For notes from the various councils, read on.

Board of Directors

All members of the Board of Directors were present for the meeting along with three guests. The Board met at the Siskiyou house and elected corporate officers and officers of the Board of Directors.
Member Concerns: Recent events and possible responses concerning an alienated sangha member were thoroughly discussed.
On transition matters, a report was received on the progress of the sale of the Zendo. After an inspection, the wiring has been declared legal and the building should be insurable. A realtor with whom we have worked in the past has been contacted to facilitate the final negotiations.

Sub-Committee Reports

  • $3900 approved for the schematic design of the Hondo and the remaining temple campus buildings
  • Approval for submission of a “Nature in the Neighborhoods” grant proposal to Metro for $75,800 to be used to complete the walkway
  • The Board is closely considering the New Markets Tax Credit program and reviewing the “DRZC – LLC Memo of Understanding” and Ground Lease with Sisikyou Co-housing LLC.
  • The Capital Campaign is close to half of our goal for pledges, and we have a commitment of about $2 million in planned giving (estate inheritance.)

Finance: Our form 990 is completed and submitted to the IRS. A part-time accounting position remains open, requiring experience in both nonprofit organizations and construction projects – an odd mix.
A spring fundraising event is planned for April 26th at the Kennedy School, honoring the Sangha Treasure. Board members are encouraged to help out in several areas.

Transition Communication: These conversations have been valuable. The sub-committee will now focus on disseminating provisional plans, a move schedule, and messaging. Members are also looking at a high level vision for effectively messaging to the Sangha as it grows and changes.
Ethics Council: Discussions are planned on processes and possible changes to them plus a revision of the Green Book.

DharmaGarden: A MOU must be written defining the Preschool’s relationship to DRZC.

Dharma Council

The Dharma Council discussed a member’s concern about repetition of information at Sangha Circle. This will be passed to the shuso with a point made regarding the info-heavy changes going on.

Reports from InterCouncil, oversight of the DharmaGarden and Prison Programs will likely come through the Board.

A Women’s Lineage Ketchimyaku will be available for Jukai 2014 with lotus blossoms in red representing blood line. There will be no charge and there may be extras made for former preceptees.

     Ceremonial trainings are planned monthly by the shuso and tanto to include the needs of new movements in new spaces.

     Denkoe may be held in the Dharma House depending on availability of the Zendo. This decision will be made soon. We would be welcome at Great Vow for a combined Rohatsu sesshin. There will be more discussion on facilities for both retreats.

It is clear that facilities and programming will influence each other, whether programs happen and whether additional facilities are needed. There are questions about summer plans but not all the information is available. We will aim to have a document ready for distribution at Spring Forum.


  • Siskiyou House: currently rented and occupied. Already being used for some meetings.
  • Madison High School or Jason Lee Elementary: Jason Lee is cheaper, a little further away.
  • Portables: 1800 square feet each.

Next meeting is March 13.

Mandala Council

The Mandala Council heard reports from the buddha families.

The White Family has no changes other than a new shuso. A new family rep for this family is in the works.

The Red Family has added a new workshop assistant and would like two more names.

The Yellow Family has begun to pack up archives and art and is making plans to store certain items with sangha members.

The Green Family had another emergency preparedness team meeting and is looking into first aid training and the possibility of getting a defib. The team is preparing DharmaGarden for evacuation drills covering fire and earthquake.

The Blue Family is updating the staffing of practice events. Sacristy and precenting may need to be updated as well. A Family Rep should check with team leaders to verify active volunteers.

The Council discussed moving and transition plans from the Board of Directors and the Dharma Council.

Next meeting will be March 15, 1:30pm in the Dharma House sitting room.

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