The Precious Mirror Samadhi

Tozan-Ryokai-5Part of our regular Sunday morning chanting service, “The Precious Mirror Samadhi” by Dongshan Liangjie (Tozan Ryokai) is compelling, beautiful, and most find it utterly mysterious. With imagery like “a silver bowl filled with snow,” and references to “the Illumination hexagram,” it is an utterly Chinese expression of Dharma. Related to and developed from the earlier “Harmony of difference and Sameness,” it expresses the development and maturation of practice and awakening over time, which makes it unique in the liturgy. On Sunday, November 10, co-abbot Kyogen Carlson spoke about the imagery and our lineage expression of this often misunderstood work. Watch for more talks on our commonly used liturgy in the months ahead.

Listen to: The Precious Mirror Samadhi Kyogen Carlson 11/10/2013