Siskiyou Update

Lotus Blooming update

Our capital campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square continues. This fall and winter we are asking our membership to lead the way by making pledges. In the spring we will start looking farther afield. In the past six weeks, the following people have made donations or pledges totaling $70,050! Anonymous; Thomas Bruner; Kirsten Davis; Kevin & Amy Geoffroy; Richard Hindman; Kei’un Lewis and Tai’an Blackwood; Yoan and Kakumyo Lowe-Charde; Erin Luthy; Madeleine Mader; Fumyo Mishaga; Seido Martin; Sosetsu Stauffer and Sonia Arion; Todd Sattersten; and Dosho Van Sant.

Many, many thanks for their support.

Property update

We’ve installed our first bioswale, a 100×30 monster. This will be planted in the next two weeks, and the biomass will filter stormwater from our future roofs and paved surfaces before it is infiltrated. It will also provide more opportunity for water to evapotranspirate before it goes into the ground, and the pool on the right side will act as a buffer for large storm events.