Siskiyou Update

Work has slowed down a bit, but there are still processes moving forward. The big excitement of the week we were gone for Rohatsu was that the road got paved.
A lot of the work that has been done isn’t going to be so visible in the finished product. Still, very important, especially this time of year. Stormwater management has created a dramatic improvement over last year’s standing water on the road and elsewhere. The planter box, the pond, and the bioswales all have parts to play in filtering the water from the road and funneling it down to the ravine and eventually into a dry well.
Work continues on the roof, as it can. There has been work on the soffits, and preparation for putting the metal roof on the top. Some of this is dependent on weather. In this photo, some of the metal roof panels are stacked on the wheelchair ramp. The word we keep hearing is “soon.”