49-Day Memorial for Houn Kyogen Carlson

On November 6, 2014, we held a 49-Day Memorial for Kyogen Carlson. More than 300 people, including out-of-state special guest teachers, attended this event in downtown Portland at the First Unitarian Church.

A table in the front showed some of Kyogen’s Dharma Implements. Left, Kakumyo began the ceremony with a brief talk.

11Taiko+processionSenior disciples formed a ryoban, and processed up onto the platform as Ryushin performed on the Taiko. Gyokuko waited to go up last.
22ryobanHere’s a view of the ryoban lined up on either side of the altar, from the back of the hall.

27daimosho28daimoshoGenko and Jyoshin assist Hogen in the Daimosho offering.

45ryoban-incense-bowThe ryoban offers incense two by two, each pair bowing to Hogen after the offering.
57funeral-re-enactHogen re-enacts the funeral (which was held September 21) for this ceremony.
65Hogen-bows-to-KyogenHogen bows to Kyogen’s altar.
67from-back-of-hallView from the back of the hall.
71Hogen-to-GyokukoHogen hands off the hossu to Gyokuko for the next part of the ceremony.
79Fumyo-shosanGyokuko takes questions from senior disciples in the Shosan ceremony.
89ryoban-bowingRyoban bowing.
100JikoJiko was one of three who offered remembrances of Kyogen.

Paul Metzger and Ejo McMullen also offered talks.
107So-onLisa So’on Mann offered her beautiful singing.


At the reception after the ceremony, people from Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple, Portland Friends of the Dhamma, Leadership from a Pure Heart, Dharma Rain Zen Center, and many others came together to chat and support each other.

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