What a treat it was to hold the Segaki Retreat and Ceremonies in the new Sodo. The new wood floor was only partially installed in the zendo, but it was enough to give us a flavor of it. It’s beautiful, and also wonderful to walk barefoot on. Having walls also really changes the feel of… Read more »

Twice a year, the sangha has an opportunity to hear from our governing bodies and to ask questions and give feedback. This fall forum is primarily sponsored by the Board of Directors, giving updates on where we are with the multiple transitions we are going through. The Dharma Council will also give a brief report.… Read more »

There’s a lot going on at Siskiyou Square. The pathway between 82nd and the parking lot / road got paved yesterday. The new flooring got delivered and unloaded into the Sodo this morning. And a helpful excavator driver moved a bunch of stones from the ravine up to a place where they can be considered… Read more »

Birth and death are moments in time – and yet the fact of our birth and death is called the Great Matter. How do we contemplate our own extinction from this life? The Buddha addressed his death directly. We will talk about the simple, profound questions of dying, caregiving, grieving, and planning for the inevitable.… Read more »

There’s a lot going on at Siskiyou Square this week. Kakumyo shows Wednesday work party volunteers how to install intake filters for the storm water inlets. This is to prevent debris and small animals from falling in and getting stuck, blocking the flow of storm water to the system taking it to the dry wells… Read more »

We say that we begin practice as a way of addressing our own suffering. We continue practice for the sake of others. Over time, our practice evolves, so that it becomes for the sake of the Dharma itself. How does this work, and what does it look like? Genko explores these questions and more. This… Read more »

Work continues on drywall inside the Sodo. Here workers are putting the sheetrock into the skylights. The building is being transformed! The sheetrock is almost all in, and taping has begun. Much of the exterior of the Sodo has been painted, and looks beautiful. In addition, the Founders Shrine has been painted to match the… Read more »

Frog Song Montessori Preschool is in its fourth week! The first few weeks have been full of excitement as the children get to know each other and the classroom. “Grace and courtesy” lessons, such as how to wash your hands and set up for lunch, how to quietly watch another child working or carefully carry… Read more »

In zen practice we often try ‘to come back to center,’ or ‘to calm down,’ or ‘to open up,’ because if we’re in such a state then our thought, speech and action causes less problems. These kinds of shorthands refer to varieties of experience that we’ve learned to trust. But isn’t that conditioning? A subtle… Read more »

This week’s Wednesday work party focused on getting the solar light poles up on the pathway sections, both to 82nd and down through the orchard to Russel Pond. These are only 10 feet tall, but reports from the field are that they are just as attractive and unobtrusive as the other street lights. They light… Read more »

Keeping the Precepts can be challenging when decisions need to be made and disagreements arise, whether in the world of work or here in the temple. As the temple has grown, more and more of the needed work is done in meetings in committees. How do we apply Right Speech to our work? To what… Read more »

We approach Big Mind with our small minds; we find our greater selves through the vehicle of the small self. But much of the time, we live and experience the world within that small self. How do we keep going when it seems like nothing changes? What is the meaning of “still” and “here” when… Read more »

This last Sunday the Daoren met in Uji, and were grateful not only for the electric lights but also for the heat! We still have some warm days ahead of us, but are beginning to experience colder days when we can enjoy a heated space. In addition, now the street lights are on at night,… Read more »

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