Help Planting Zen Go Viral Right Away!

Dharma Rain launched our first-ever crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo this week. Planting Zen and The May Sit has a goal of raising $50,000 in just 40 days. In the first few days, 115 people have donated $16,736.

Planting Zen and the May Sit

Planting Zen and the May Sit

Our crowd funding campaign is one component of our current $400,000 matching gift challenge. That means that every crowd funding donation gets matched dollar-for-dollar by our anonymous donor.

Successful crowd funding depends on supporters and allies (like you!) sharing the campaign with family, friends and neighbors. The early days of campaigns are critically important – hitting the ground running is essential. Because time is of the essence, we ask that you do two things right away:

  • send personalized emails with the campaign link ( to your friends, family and neighbors inviting them to donate, and asking them to share the campaign link with their contacts
  • post our campaign link ( on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts inviting people to donate and share the campaign link with others

By sharing our campaign with people you know, you help ensure our success.

For more information about Lotus Blooming and our matching gift challenge, click here.

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