New Office and Siskiyou Property Work

Work Day, May 17, 2014

We spent Friday and Saturday setting up our temporary Office next to Mekong Bistro at 8200 NE Siskiyou St, Suite 111. Saturday DRZC members and volunteers from the Siskiyou neighborhood worked to mulch the many trees and shrubs planted in the ravine on the new property. The parking area where the office is located abuts the Oak Savannah on the new property, so it is quite convenient.

Left: Genko helps the office setup  |  Right: Gyokuko tests the wifi

02-Office 01-Office






Left: Gathering for work Mulching  |  Right: Mulching the ravine






Left and Right: Volunteers mulch the ravine










Left: Volunteers mulch the ravine  |  Right: Two vultures kept watch


Right and Left: Large Mushrooms sprouting in the Oak Savannah