Gardens Taking Shape at Siskiyou

Twenty Volunteers For Village Building Convergence

The weather has been changeable, but quite nice this week as volunteers converged on the Siskiyou property to help with raised beds for the garden space. Work on the path to Rocky Butte has been put on hold while city attorneys work out some technical details. Everyone is still highly in favor, but all the “i’s” must be dotted, and the “t’s” crossed.

Temple volunteers have kept the workers fed all week, using the kitchen at the Siskiyou House. Meanwhile the office within the Mekong Bistro is up and running full time. Here are photos from the week. Click on any one for a larger view.

01-painting-mural-102-painting-mural-2   Painting a mural on the
shipping container used
for tool storage was fun,
with kid involved.

03-painting-mural-304-Mural-buddha-paint   The mural depicts oaks
leaves and a meadow,
with some whimsical









05-Assembling-raised-garden-frames06-Work-on-garden-beds-1The raised beds are framed in with donated recycled lumber. First, 100 yr old nails are removed.










07-Work-on-garden-beds-208-Work-on-garden-beds-3Logs buried along the edges and wood debris underneath will hold water and supply nutrients






09-Tea-trike-110-Tea-trike-2The “Tea Trike,” a Portland fixture, provided refreshments











11-Lunch-prep-112-lunch-prepZen Center members provided lunch






13-K-phone-call-office15-Zendo-siteL: Kakumyo takes a phone call outside the Bistro Office R: The Zendo site ready for geomatting under the foundation.





14-Two-bowling-balls16-Garden-soilTwo old bowling balls were found under the Zendo site. The one on the left looks surprised! Garden soil is piled and ready.





17-Garden-soil-zendo-site18-Shop-siteL: Garden soil and Zendo site. R: Shop site, office in the distance.





19-flowers20-flowers-by-pathFlowers coming up all over the property






grassGrasses near the orchard path

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