Jyoshin’s Shuso Hossen

handing-off-shippeiOn Sunday, January 25, 2015, Jyoshin Clay presented a verse and took questions in the Shuso Hossen ceremony. Gyokuko sat in for Kyogen, Jyoshin’s teacher, carrying Kyogen’s hossu for the ceremony. The verse Jyoshin presented was:

Remain solitary without dependency and drop off all of reality. Mixed together within the ten thousand forms, be clear and apparent. Eminent and vigorous on each bit of ground, be like the moon stamped on the water, flowing but not flowing. Like the wind in the sky, move but do not move. Having become thoroughly like this, when you proceed, in mean alleys do not ride on a golden horse; when turning back, wear tattered robes.
— Eihei Dogen, from the Eihei Koroku:
“Eminent and Vigorous in Tattered Robes”
316. Dharma Hall Discourse

After the ceremony, there was a moment of confusion, where Jyoshin realized she was no longer shuso, and no longer in a place to tell people where to go or to do announcements. Pictured are Kakumyo, Jiko, Fujaku (shokki – last year’s shuso), Jyoshin, and Kei’un (benji – next year’s shuso).
2015-01-25 11.48.32

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