Dedicating the Sodo

59altar-for-dedicationOn Wednesday, January 28, sangha members gathered for a dedication ceremony for the Sodo, which then included painting various things on the subfloor.

At each of the cardinal directions, Gyokuko painted circles of the prescribed color for each direction to mark the Four Kings or protectors. They were covered with Japanese calligraphy signifying each of the Kings. Red is on the west side, blue on the south, yellow north, and white east.



Then, there were saying in English from the Eihei Shingi for various areas of the Sodo.

98kitchen-single-leafHere is the saying in the kitchen.

124dininghallAnd the dining hall.

78entryAt the Sodo entry door, a saying about the purpose of the building and our practice.

99zendo-entranceAt the entry into the zendo, the essential matter.