Lotus Blooming

LB GraphicDharma Rain Zen Center’s capital campaign for Planting Zen in Siskyou Square is an effort to transform a brownfield into a space for spiritual practice, community connection and native habitat. Dharma Rain is committed to raising $1 million in individual donations to make Phase 1 of this inspiring vision a reality.

Additional goals for the Lotus Blooming campaign are to:

  • sign 50 people up for planned giving
  • secure $1.5 million in private loans
  • receive monetary donations from 1,000 different people
  • educate and engage the public with stewardship of the site.

The Lotus Blooming campaign kicked-off with the groundbreaking ceremony on June 8, 2013. Fundraising for Phase 1 will continue for three years. As of June 2015, we have received individual donations and pledges of $689,000. – 69% of our goal. In addition, we have raised over $700,000 in targeted grants for the environmental restoration components of Lotus Blooming.

Although Lotus Blooming flows directly from Dharma Rain’s core mission of making the Dharma accessible to all within their everyday lives, it is different from annual fundraising in several ways:

  • It is specifically tied to Planting Zen and all funds will be used for building Dharma Rain’s new campus and paying for the land, not for operating expenses. Capital expenses such as these are well beyond the annual budget, and most non-profits require specific campaigns to address these needs.
  • We are trying to broaden our donor base with this campaign, so that we are not relying only on our local membership for our needs. We have a compelling case, because Planting Zen has substantial benefit for the broader public. We are doing environmental remediation, habitat restoration, education, urban renewal, sustainable development, and more.
  • We are looking for larger gifts. This is an incredible opportunity to create something special for the sangha and region, and unique in American Zen. The scale of the project will require us to stretch our resources. We have a solid start; there is more to do.

Whatever your situation, there is a way for you to help make this vision a reality. We are asking for a gift to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square and help this Lotus to Blossom.

Please join those making gifts, pledges, grants and in-kind donations.

Thank you to our donors for their generous support! (Updated June 2015)

Gifts & Pledges


Kyogen & Gyokuko Carlson
Peter Norton – Isambard Kingdom Brunel Society of America

$50,000 – $99,999

Howard & Mary Fields – Euclid Fund
Gary & Mary Oshiro
Aaron & Diana Shin’yu Vitells

$25,000 – $49,999

$17,500 – $24,599

Gay Kei’un Lewis & Steve Tai’an Blackwood
Joe Shisei & Nanette Niski

$10,000 – $17,499

Anonymous (2)
Jeff Stookey & Ken Barker
Linda Hoka Bebernes
Thomas Koshin Bruner
Sherman Coventry
Eric Johnson & Lisa Dunitz
Julie, Munnie & Karuna Kettler
LaShelle Yoan & Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Richard Fumyo Mishaga
Jeanna Annen Moyer
Francois Shokei Raynal
Todd T’suho Sattersten
Mark Sosetsu Stauffer & Sonia Arion
Sallie Jiko Tisdale
Genkaku David Tweet
Emilie Teiko Cartoun & Kip Frey/Wy’East Zen Center
Christina York

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (3)
Ken Arnold
Val Cashman, Keith Kellerman & Family
Kevin Ansui & Amy Geoffroy
Rob Ki’an Holt
Mike Gyoshi Kaplan
Pam Leitch
Dan Myoan McCarty
Suzanne Michalik
Robert Hakugyu & Kate Reinhart
Becky Smith & Jody Luth

$2,500 – $4,999

David & Moira Bell
Doug & Linda Carnine
Patricia Josu Dahlgren
Deborah Ryotan Gant
Scott Teijin & Rhonda Grim
Empty Field Zendo
Jim Holston
Madeleine Mader
David Choten Robinson
John Urbanowski
Joseph Walder

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Sonja Rinsho Aikens
Terry & Ginnie Carnahan
Tom & Jeanne Clegg
Nancy Kodo Conover
Jonathan Crighton
Kimberly Koyo Deckman
Jody Shintai Dungay
Randall Filbert
Richard Hindman
Heidi Enji Hoogstra
MeiToku KoShin
Virginia Lowell
Elizabeth Erin Luthy
Phyllis Maynard
Zoe Mullee
Nicole Ko’in Newsom
Mary Power
Suzanne Shushin Ragsdale
Diana Rempe & Patrick O’Herron
Sylvan Genko Rainwater
Steve Stadtfeld
Katherine & James Still
Karen Sokyo Swallow
Jay Dosho VanSant
Jill Bukkai & Brad Washburn
Maya & Harold Williams

$500 – $999

Anonymous (2)
David Birkes & Lois Abbruzzese
Leonore Bittner
Domyo & John Burk
J Christian
Curtis Clink
Frank Sanje Elliot
Joseph Mugaku Engum
Pactrick Yuzen Evans
Sabra Chitsu Larsen
Rich Koken Mackin
Trevor March
Debra Seido Martin
Mary Fushin Payne & Harry Hesselgesser
Kimberly Wood-Saldana
Jim Schultz-Browning
Anthony Fujaku Stevens

$100 – $499

Jessica Bartlett
Sheley Baxter
Guy Berliner
Elizabeth Blades
Alison Shin’ei Brown
William Brown
Julie Sinchi Burtis
Sibelia & Simon Chaiyahat
Jyoshin Clay
Abby Cunningham
Jimmy Curry
Carla Danley
Kirsten Davis
Janet Doetsu Dodd
Alison Dunfee
Dun Gifford
Sunyana & Jed Graef
Douglas Hagen
Ellen Kosen Hynson
Judith Meiko Jones
Diane & John Kelly
John Lowell
Genjo Marinello
Lisa So’on Markel
Merisha McClaren
Susan Zenho McDaniel
Amber Geiger Morgan
Jennifer Murphy
J. Lee Nelson
Dorothy Newman
Mark Rinzan Pechovnik
Travis Raybold
Stacy Riger
Alejandro & Emiliano Santana
Carrie Schultz
Frank & Joy Shea
Katherine & James Still
Renee Takara
Lloyd Tappan
Madison South Neighborhood Association
Jim Withington
John Wong

Public Grants

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,

Brownfields Cleanup Grant – $200,000

City of Portland

Bureau of Environmental Services, Brownfield Program Revolving Loan Fund – $200,000

Metro Regional Council

Nature in Neighbohods, Capital Grant Program – $93,781

City of Portland

Bureau of Environmental Services, Brownfield Program Assessment Grant – $53,781

East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District

Partners in Conservation Program – $40,000

Oregon Business Development Department

Brownfield Redevelopment Fund – $32,300

Oregon Business Development Department & Regional Solutions Center

Brownfield Redevelopment Fund – $25,000

Metro Regional Council

Nature in Neighborhoods Conservation Education Program – $25,000

City of Portland

Bureau of Environmental Services, Innovative Wet Weather Program – $25,000

City of Portland

Bureau of Environmental Services, Community Watershed Stewardship Program – $7,500

The Tributary Fund


In-Kind Donations & Reduced-Interest on Loans


Anonymous (2)
Kyogen & Gyokuko Carlson
Doug & Linda Carnine
Jeff Stookey & Ken Barker
Nancy Kodo Conover
Gay Kei’un Lewis & Steve Tai’an Blackwood
Ater-Wynne LLP
CWK2 Land Development Consultants
Michael Eiko Howells
Michael Kieran
John Shultz
Becky Smith & Jody Luth
PAE Engineers

$5,000 – $9,999

Jyoshin Clay
Genko Rainwater
The Rebuilding Center
Northwest Tree Specialists

$2,500 – 4,999

Linda Hoka Bebernes
Wu-chang Feng
Rob Ki’an Holt
Jim Hencke
Ann Lamenka
Debra Seido Martin
Jeanna Annen Moyer
Joe Shisei & Nanette Niski
Noguchi Museum
Francois Shokei Raynal
David Choten Robinson
Todd T’suho Sattersten
Karen Sokyo Swallow
Sallie Jiko Tisdale
Studio Knot

$1,000 – $2,499

Randall Filbert
Richard Hindman
Linda Neale
Jordan’s Mushrooms
Tanya Peterson
Anastasia Roderick