Founders Vigil

Keido Chisan
This year’s Founders Vigil begins Saturday, November 4, at 7pm and goes to Sunday morning at 6:45am. This date is close to the anniversaries of the deaths of both of our founders, Keido Chisan Koho Zenji (d. November 1, 1969) and Roshi Jiyu Kennett (d. November 6, 1996). There is no leader for this vigil, but someone will be present the entire time, with people taking turns being awake so that someone is awake at all times. Vigilants can rest, sit, or do kinhin as they wish. Sleeping pads are available. No sign-up required. The vigil ends Sunday morning just before breakfast, which will be available at 7am for those who sign up and wish to stay for it. There is a suggested donation for breakfast.