Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Many Zen sanghas in the West, including Dharma Rain, have grappled with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for decades. At the same time, our country, state, and city have been becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural. Taken together, these trends pose both opportunities and challenges in our effort to ensure that the dharma is available and accessible to all.

Dharma Rain has launched a diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment and planning process, which is being facilitated by Bruner Strategies. For clarity, a brief description of these terms follows:

  • Diversity – the demographic composition of the people in an organization, and the degree to which they reflect the demographic makeup of the community at large.
  • Inclusion – the culture of an organization, and the degree to which all voices are included, all people are valued, and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Equity – a commitment to make an organization accessible to all, and to identify and mitigate barriers or obstacles to full participation or access.

In coming months, we will be soliciting input from our sangha about their experiences, perspective, and suggestions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion at Dharma Rain. Stay tuned for ways you can participate.

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