Diana Shin’yu Vitells Ordained as Priest

On February 15, 2014, Abbot Gyokuko Carlson ordained Diana Shin’yu Vitells in a Shukke Tokudo ceremony. We welcome her as a novice monk.

Gyokuko and Shin'yu after the ceremony.

Gyokuko and Shin’yu after the ceremony.

More photos:

01-before-ceremony   <– Waiting for the ceremony to start.02-Beginning

Beginning, wearing a kimono.  –>








03-Gratitude  <–Bows are made at three altars to express gratitude.04--Asperge


Asperge with pine branch  –>



<– Shaving the shura, the last part to be shaved
for the ordination.06-Koromo

Receiving the koromo, with assistance from Jyoshin Clay. –>




07-Kesa-receiving   <– Receving the kesa, the primary priest robe.08-Kesa-putting-on


Putting on the kesa with help from Jyoshin.  –>



09-kesa-tying   <– Tying the kesa.00-bowls


Receiving the begging bowl.  –>



12-Precepts    <– Receiving the precepts.


Congratulations.  –>13-congratulations



14--before-photo  <– Straightening the robes before the photo.



Teacher and student together.  –>

16-with-family  <– Student with a very supportive family.



A hug from her husband.  –>17-with-husband


18-Altar-afterward  <– The ordination altar after the ceremony.

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