Anthony Fujaku Stevens Completes Shuso Hossen

On Sunday, February 2nd, Fujaku completed his term as Shuso at the ceremony of Hossen. He presented this verse from the Diamond Sutra:

“Therefore, Subhuti, bodhisattvas should leave behind all phenomenal distinctions and awaken the thought of the consummation of incomparable enlightenment by not allowing the mind to depend upon notions evoked by the sensible world–by not allowing the mind to depend upon notions evoked by sounds, odors, flavors, touch contacts, or any qualities. The mind should be kept independent of any thoughts that arise within it. If the mind depends upon anything, it has no sure haven.”

He then answered question in mondo (formal “dharma combat”) from sangha members and visiting teachers. His teacher, Gyokuko Carlson, passed him on his answers to complete his term as Shuso.



Above: Fujaku enters the hall at the start of the ceremony. For more photos and text,

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Hossen-14-02  <-Chanting to start the ceremonyHossen-14-03

Fujaku rises to receive the Shipei staff ->




Hossen-14-04 <- Fujaku bows before receiving the Shipei from his teacher, Gyokuko CarlsonHossen-14-05
      Seated, ready for questioning ->




Hossen-14-06 <- Members test the ShusoHossen-14-07
Returning Shipei, receiving confirmation ->

Hossen-14-08 <- Recession after the ceremony





Hossen-14-09 <- Visiting teachers Jacqueline Mandell of Samden Ling,Hossen-14-10
and Mary Sakula Reinard of Portland Friends of the
Dhamma chat with Kyogen after the ceremony.
Fujaku with Gyokuko ->







Hossen-14-11  <-The celebratory cake!










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