Gathas From Daoren

Sokyo writes:

During an in-person all day gathering, six Daoren members wrote gathas, based on Robert Aiken’s book, The Dragon Who Never Sleeps. Together we ventured into writing and sharing what was on our minds. The intention in writing them is to express the interdependence of everyday experiences in members’ personal lives.

When the dark of the night sets in

I vow with all beings,

to open the curtains

and see the beams of light.

When the Daphne blooms in my front yard

I vow with all beings

to bathe my nostrils with the sweet fragrance

and be grateful.

When I listen to MSNBC

I vow with all beings

to witness without judgment

and hold a strong back and soft heart.

When digging in the garden

I vow with all beings

to turn the past

and unearth the freshness of this moment.

When sunlight returns to the earth

I vow with all beings

and realize at the moment

that nothing else is needed.

When sitting down to write

I vow with all beings

to be mindful of

the possibility of beauty emerging

When I hear the cries of the world

I vow with all beings

to sit in gassho

and send merit into the wind.

When the movers come on Tuesday

I vow with all beings

to be as ready as I can

yet go with the flow.

When opening the blinds

I vow with all beings

to expand my view

to include everything.

When I feel hurt and defensive

I vow with all beings

to let go of my ego

and turn toward compassion.

When I see the Ukranians suffering

I vow with all beings

to feel the sorrow

without holding on.

When making the bed

I vow with all beings

to take care of this life

no matter how mundane it may be.

We then experimented with another technique called the Cinquains, a five line form with certain parts of speech, which forms a triangle.


                                           bell sounds

                                      breath, sit straight,



              Music                                                                  Stillness

       faint distant                                                            booming quiet

calling, beckoning, hiding                                     rising, falling, dropping away

  hollowness occupies my inside                             body-mind alert to sensation

           Question                                                                Awake!

                  Seed                                                        Boots

              tiny being                                             lightweight, sturdy

encircling, enclosing, encapsulating                supporting my feet

     promise of vast promise                                 each step a joy

                  life                                                        progress


                                         timeless wonder

                              sharing, exploring, revealing

                                    personal connection


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