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Varieties of Attentiveness

This Sunday we’ll explore qualities like concentration, focus and receptivity with a Buddhist lens. How do these qualities affect our life, and what contributes to reliably accessing them, both within and beyond formal meditation. This talk was given Sunday, May 27.

Dharma Rain News

Planting continues in the garden. We are harvesting several things that overwintered, like kale and beets; and some that have been growing for some years, like asparagus and artichokes. Strawberries are getting ripe, along with plums. We had freshly-picked strawberries for dessert last night and with breakfast this morning. The tractor bit the dust and […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update

Dharma Rain’s diversity, equity and inclusion assessment and planning process continues. We are now researching what other Zen Buddhist groups across the country are doing to diversify their membership, and make their organizations more equitable and inclusive. So far, 105 teachers or sanghas have responded to our survey, which was sent to members of the […]

The Suffering Outside

The story of the historical Buddha is often used as a lens to examine our own practice and path. This talk touches on the point where he escapes the confines of his privileged life and affluent shelter and begins to examine the suffering outside. A key figure is his father the king, who tried to […]

Dharma Rain News

The shuso reminds us that now that we are in warmer summer weather, we ask that people not wear shorts and tank tops in the zendo. In general, we try to wear modest, non-distracting, and respectful clothing. There are loaner robes available if needed. Planting is underway in the garden. As we look at tomato […]

Dharma Expression

Happy Mother’s Day! For some, Mother’s Day can bring up memories of crayon drawings on refrigerators, sharing space with brightly colored magnetic letters of the alphabet. This is part of how small children investigate their environment and learn about themselves and the world around them. Mothers (and those who take on the role of mother) […]

Wesak Celebration

On Sunday, May 6, we had another successful celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday. The day dawned with a spectacular display of clouds over Rocky Butte to the east. We put out the flag announcing a public ceremony. After the ceremony, adults gathered on the engawa and elsewhere to watch the kids knock down the traditional […]

Wesak! Celebration of the Buddha’s Birth

Buddhists around the world traditionally celebrate the birth of the Buddha in the spring. Our celebration here at Dharma Rain this year is this coming Sunday. The children’s sangha decorates a bower for the baby Buddha to stand in, and then during morning service we all process together and pour sweet tea over the Buddha’s […]

Dharma Rain News

Last Saturday, teens connected with the Blueprint Foundation spent time on the land, learning how to use the tractor and mower, and helping with various gardening tasks. They seemed to have fun with this, and it was a big help in the garden. This Saturday morning, from 9-noon, we will have a garden work party […]