Wesak! Celebration of the Buddha’s Birth

Buddhists around the world traditionally celebrate the birth of the Buddha in the spring. Our celebration here at Dharma Rain this year is this coming Sunday. The children’s sangha decorates a bower for the baby Buddha to stand in, and then during morning service we all process together and pour sweet tea over the Buddha’s head. Come join us for something different.

Join us this Sunday, May 6, for zazen, sanzen and the Wesak Celebration. Kakumyo and Genko offer sanzen.

8:30am Zazen
9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation, with optional sanzen)
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Short Morning Service
10:00 Break and set-up
10:30 Wesak Ceremony and Celebration
11:45 Informal Community Lunch – All invited.