May 2014 Archives

Gardens Taking Shape at Siskiyou

Twenty Volunteers For Village Building Convergence The weather has been changeable, but quite nice this week as volunteers converged on the Siskiyou property to help with raised beds for the garden space. Work on the path to Rocky Butte has been put on hold while city attorneys work out some technical details. Everyone is still […]

New Office and Siskiyou Property Work

Work Day, May 17, 2014 We spent Friday and Saturday setting up our temporary Office next to Mekong Bistro at 8200 NE Siskiyou St, Suite 111. Saturday DRZC members and volunteers from the Siskiyou neighborhood worked to mulch the many trees and shrubs planted in the ravine on the new property. The parking area where […]

Being Change

Where can we find a place to rest in an ever-changing world? Uncertainty, loss, expectation, desire; the perils of an isolated, abiding self are legion but the answer can be found within the question. Join us this Sunday, May 18, for zazen, service and Teijin’s Dharma Talk. Sanzen will be offered during zazen. 8:30am Zazen […]

Denkoe Dharma Talk

A Talk by Kyogen Carlson on Koun Ejo and the Denkoroku Note: Dharma Talks during the Denkoe Sesshin are usually reserved for those attending the retreat. This year the Wednesday talk was open to anyone who wished to attend, and Kyogen included information on Keizan and the context for the creation of the Denkoroku. On […]

Memory Book

For many of us, Dharma Rain’s upcoming move to a new home has stirred up memories associated with our soon-to-be former location. The lovely Zendo, the Dharma House, and the Sangha House(s) have been our place of practice for decades – a lot has happened here! Do you have any memories, anecdotes, or stories associated […]

Siskiyou / Transition Update

There is an unofficial work party (bring your own lunch) this Saturday, May 3, 10-4 doing a variety of tasks out on the land. We are still jumping through the remaining hoops before we can pick up our building permit. All the design questions are approved; now it is just a matter of getting all […]

Daoren Circle Open to New Members

The Daoren Circle is open to new members. Daoren means “person of the Way.” In our Soto practice, “the Way” is always right before you. The Daoren Circle seek to practice the Way wholeheartedly within our everyday lives through a commitment to the Mahayana practice of vow. Daoren commit to vows and practice principles in […]

Wesak Festival

Wesak Festival is a colorful and light-hearted festival celebrating the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. The Dharma School children lead this ceremony, which begins at 10:15am in the Zendo. Join the children’s sangha for a special celebration. Join us this Sunday, May 4, for zazen, service and the Wesak Ceremony. Sanzen will be offered during zazen. […]

Monthly InterCouncil Summary

April 2014 This is a summary describing the month’s work of the temple’s three major decision-making bodies. A governance notebook with approved minutes is filed in the temple office. A list of current Council members and areas of concern, individual charges to leadership and temple job positions are listed on the temple website. This past […]