November 2013 Archives

Thanksgiving Remembrance

Kyogen Carlson I realized the other day that Thanksgiving this year is also the 18th anniversary of my mother’s passing. It’s odd that I don’t recall that she died so close to Thanksgiving. The holiday had been five days before that year, and I have no memory of it at all. In looking for old […]

Receiving Food, Receiving Dharma

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us plan meals, plan for preparing and eating food. Bukkai talked about how the simple repetitive aspects of our lives having to do with food can become serious spiritual practice. Listen to this talk, which was on Sunday, November 24.

Siskiyou Tree-Planting

Several planting events are coming up as part of Dharma Rain’s restoration of Siskiyou Square. We plan to plant almost 4,000 trees and shrubs in the next three months, as well as seed an acre with native grasses. Last Saturday, November 16, we planted orchard trees on the south slope with DharmaGarden parents and children. Tomorrow, […]

Cultivating Trust

What is it that we can trust and rely upon during our most difficult times in life? How does practice support us when we inevitably face challenges? This talk is about how the path of practice can be viewed as a process of cultivating increasing confidence and trust in our own Buddha Nature. Listen to […]

From Still Point – November 2010 – Question: Authority

By Jeanna Annen Moyer I have spent much of my life as a student; I love to learn. I spent the usual years in primary and secondary school, and then went on to college and several years of graduate school.  I’ve pursued many other kinds of learning, in all kinds of things — water safety, […]

From Still Point – November 2010 – Mowing the Lawn, Weeding the Mind

When I volunteered for work practice at Dharma Rain Zen Center, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. The thought was simple enough. Gratitude. I wanted to give back. I had just become a member and felt (as I do now) that the this temple gives me so much. I wanted to give […]

From Still Point – November 2010 – Untitled Poem

By Genko Rainwater (from August 28, 2010) On Saturday afternoon of the Cultivating the Way sesshin I went to sit in the Zendo before the scheduled evening sitting, and was rewarded this way. dancing leaves shadows play a symphony in light on bare zendo floor Seido lighting lamps weaving in and out around provides counterpoint […]

Siskiyou Update

Lotus Blooming update Our capital campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square continues. This fall and winter we are asking our membership to lead the way by making pledges. In the spring we will start looking farther afield. In the past six weeks, the following people have made donations or pledges totaling $70,050! Anonymous; Thomas Bruner; […]

The Precious Mirror Samadhi

Part of our regular Sunday morning chanting service, “The Precious Mirror Samadhi” by Dongshan Liangjie (Tozan Ryokai) is compelling, beautiful, and most find it utterly mysterious. With imagery like “a silver bowl filled with snow,” and references to “the Illumination hexagram,” it is an utterly Chinese expression of Dharma. Related to and developed from the […]

Founders’ Day Talk

On Sunday November 3rd, our Founders’ Day Festival, Kakumyo Lowe-Charde spoke about the three figures honored on our Founder’s shrine, exploring the particular juxtaposition of confidence and humility in their lives and practice as well as in our relation to them as individuals and archetypes. Those three are Keido Chisan Koho Zenji, Houn Jiyu Kennet Roshi, and Nyogen […]