Work Practice at Siskiyou Square

With the start of the new year, we resume regular Wednesday work practice, beginning about 9:30 and going to about 4pm. Lunch is provided at the 85th House at 12:30pm. Work continues on the engawa, and landscaping projects are gearing up. A special work practice day will be on Martin Luther King Jr Day, Monday, January 18, when about 100 PCC students are estimated to come to work on landscaping as part of their Day of Service. Come join us for a great day of practice. Then, Saturday January 23 will be a Work Practice Day to focus on the Engawa.

P0107-1Yesterday the rest of the sidewalk from Uji to Siskiyou Street was poured. Soon we will be able to walk all the way from the Sodo to Siskiyou St on sidewalk. Here they work on the driveway and on the wheelchair access ramp.